La Meridiana

La Meridiana is hospitality and welcome in Valpolicella. I chose this house of the Seventeenth century, for creating my home here, but also to have a location where to host, a place with an authentic and elegant atmosphere, inserted in the tranquility of a rural court in the historical location of Osan, in Fumane di Valpolicella.

My idea of hospitality is enclosed in this place and I liked to call it La Merdiana. I was inspired by the painting on the facade. The sundial was used inthe past to mark time, the happy moment of the return from the field or the time of departure. Now also and above all the time for finding again hospitality.

Read the inscription on the façade "Deh fra tante che t’escono dal seno un’ora per me felice ameno" (among many hours that come out from you, an hour for me, happy, pleasant) a phrase from the year 1879. La Meridiana teaches you to catch your time, to appreciate the cozy space of a place that was dedicated to the families in the past, often numerous. They could meet in the court, where it was possible to find a resting pause away from work, the time for a chat, but also the place for playing with children and where to collect the harvest. So pick your time, keep it for yourself and for the people who accompany you, start a trip and arrive in Valpolicella, be welcome here and discover the wonders of a valley famous for its wines and for its delicious food, famous for its natural beauty and its precious history. (Carla)

When the gate will open in front of you

You wll find yourself in a characteristic courtyard of Verona countryside, in the tranquility of an ancient village.


Hospitality and welcome

La Meridiana is hospitality and welcome in Valpolicella, a place with an authentic and elegant atmosphere, inserted in the tranquility of a rural court in the historical location of Osan, in Fumane di Valpolicella.

Enoteca della Valpolicella

We work together with the nearby restaurant Enoteca della Valpolicella. Dining at enoteca is a culinary voyage and a coming home. The menu gathers the tradition of the regional cuisine of Valpolicella with an excellent creativity. In addition to a menu tied to seasonal and authentic products of the area, sourced locally from farmers and artisans, Enoteca has an important and wide selection of wines, with labels from all over ltaly and offers the opportunity of wine tastings in the wineries in the surroundings areas.

Vai al sito dell'Enoteca


La Meridiana welcomes the guests in five spacious rooms furnished with wrought iron beds and antique wardrobes; in one there is also an antique fireplace, for the winter evenings. All rooms have modern and spacious bathrooms, air conditioning, wi-fi, mini-bar and television. Pets are welcome and children under two years of age will have free accommodation. And it is possible to park the car in a parking lot.



Breakfast is served in the dining room overlooking the garden at Enoteca della Valpolicella and it is included in the room rate. It comprehends coffee, cappuccino, tea, juices, yogurt and muesli, fruit, bread and jam, honey, cheese and salami, bacon and eggs, fresh pastries. We will be happy to listen to your needs and to make for you a better stay.


Where we are, the Valpolicella

Valpolicella comprehends the territories of three single valleys and five municipalities.


The valleys

The valleys of Fumane, Marano di Valpolicella and Negrar, each valley is crossed by a crick. Each one takes the name of the municipality, and in the flattest part of Valpolicella, there are the towns of San Pietro Incariano and Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella. The river Adige draws the border in the South part, while the Lessini mountains surround Valpolicella at the North. To the West it ends with the “Chiusa of Ceraino” while to the East there is Parona, as a border town under Verona municipality.



Different landscapes compose Valpolicella, beautiful in the different seasons, with unusual aspects and different geological characteristics. Lowland areas alternate areas of hills and soft mountains. Almost exclusively cultivated with vineyards, a part from some other crops or activities, Valpolicella is mainly known for its wines, famous since ancient times, and for its marble. The remaining traces of old quarries, of different forms and eras, witnesses an important craftsmanship and the origin of some monumental buildings located in the nearby city of Verona, such as Arena di Verona and Teatro Romano.

Gastronomical products

Its location enjoys a favorable distance if you want to reach the nearby Lake Garda, but also cities like Trento and Mantua, interesting for culture, art and hospitality, as well as for offering excellent gastronomical products.



We will suggets you to spend time in Valpolicella for culture, relax, sport. It is a pleasure for the taste, but also for the splendor of the landscape and the story this place tells.



In the ancient heart of Valpolicella


Via Osan,16/c Fumane (VR) - ITALY

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